About Spire

Spire Woodshop is located in Gloucester, MA and is a collaboration of two. We create a variety of wooden items ranging from spoons to furniture, each piece individually crafted. We aim to provide our community with handmade objects that are as beautiful as they are functional. Most of our products are created from locally sourced urban lumber, trees that are already being cut down or would have otherwise been discarded. We are interested in not only giving trees a second life but also telling a story of the community we live in through the furniture and goods that we create.

We have also begun to mill lumber for retail! Our supply is currently limited, but it’s growing! Contact us if you need any hardwood slabs or dimensional lumber for your next project. We have air dried, kiln dried and green lumber available.

Contact Alyssa Pitman for information on lumber, milling or spoon carving classes and Winston Daddario for Custom Furniture for your home or business.

* We also sell our home goods at Close Quarters Collective located at 6 Dock Square in Rockport Ma. 


Shop : 978-325-3445

Furniture: 978-505-3965

Spoon Carving & Lumber:  310-741-7255


Gloucester, MA

Contact us at spirewoodshop@gmail.com for information on custom furniture.